About Ohana Kava

Ohana Kava is a grass roots company founded upon the knowledge that plants heal! We are honored to carry and provide access to such a sacred plant medicine. Our mission is to open a new door to healing by providing access to this sacred and powerful plant medicine. Kava creates a sense of connectedness and grounding as it soothes feelings of stress and anxiety, which ultimately assists a person to feel more comfortable in the body. From a place of comfort a person can act more authentically, or true to themselves, others, the world and universe abound. Our hope is that people may find more peace through being just who they are!
** We support organic kava distributers from the Big Island of Hawaii. By purchasing our products you also help to protect sacred land on this planet. We donate a portion of our profits to assist in these efforts (i.e. protection of Mauna Kea, survival international-www.survivalinternational.org) ** THANK YOU!