Organic Kava Root Tincture

This sacred root has a broad range of healing benefits. Kava is used medicinally to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, headaches, menopause, asthma, fatigue, physical pain, UTI, and more! Our Kava is all-natural, organic, and non-addictive. Grown on an organic kava farm on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, it is then extracted with organic alcohol, and bottled and shipped from the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. All done with intention for healing and love! Kava tincture can be used directly on your mouth or in any beverage. Great in tea or as a Kava Cocktail, recipe below!

Kava Cocktail recipe:
sparkling water
splash of pineapple juice
1-3 droppers of Ohana Kava Tincture

**Those who should not use Kava are women who are pregnant or nursing, and children. Those taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication should not use kava regularly before consulting a doctor.

DOSAGE: (1 Dropper = about 20 drops) Start by taking 1 dropper when signs of any listed above ailments begin to appear in the body. You may work your way up to 1-3 droppers per dose.

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Organic Kava Extract (with glycerine)

This kava extract can be used in the same way as the kava tincture listed above. If deciding between which extract is best for you consider both extraction methods. The kava tincture listed above is extracted with alcohol, which is a very effective method, though some are not fond of its potent taste. This one is extracted with vegetable glycerine, which is also effective, though some prefer it over the latter because of its sweetness. Whatever method you choose you will be happy to know that both are 100% organic and made with the same care and love. Happy healing!

Organic Kava Extract

Organic Kava Salve

High quality, organic ingredients merged together to create a potent medicinal salve to relieve pain in sore and tense muscles. Works wonders for arthritis! You will love the instant relief you receive and the lovely lemon balm scent.


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Organic Kava Root Powder w/ Filter & Coconut Shell

Enjoy kava the traditional way! This order includes everything you need to drink kava in the way its been consumed for thousands of years. Drink with intention wherever your heart desires. Makes a great gift for yourself or that loved one you know could use it! Kava is also a natural aphrodisiac and is a perfect way to set the mood and tone with a partner 😉

Because of the acquired “earthy” taste of kava, its fun to experiment making different drinks. Ive created what I call a Kava Latte…no coffee involved. Easy and oh so good!

Kava Latte Recipe:

Make a small batch of kava (filtered with clean room temp or cold drinking water) Put in blender, add honey cinnamon and a little ice to chill. It gets a little foamy at the top after being in blender which is why I call it a kava latte. Its a delicious way to enjoy the effects of kava!

1 SET UP INCLUDES: One coconut shell, with re-useable filtering bag and 50 grams (about 20 servings) of organic kava root powder
OHANA CEREMONY PACK: Kava has been shared ceremonially for thousands of years! Tribesmen would all partake in kava before making important decisions about their community. Its also shared socially today creating an engaged/creative environment. A perfect way to connect with your ohana! Interact with friends, family, coworkers, ect. in a whole new way! Ceremony pack includes 6 shells, 160 grams (approx 60 servings) of kava root powder, and 1 re-useable filter. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN U.S.!
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Instant Kava Powder

A convenient and delicious way to drink kava! This powder is flavorless and can be mixed with any beverage of your choice…great in smoothies! This powder can also be used in no bake goodies, ice-cream and homemade chocolate. Yum!

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Kava at your next event/gathering….

You don't have to travel to the pacific islands to participate in the unique experience that kava brings! Invite us to come serve Kava at your next event or gathering. We are happy to serve at parties, meetings, workshops, or any type of social function. Kava can assist in creating deeper connections and help communication flow from the heart. If you live in the South Bay/Santa cruz area and are interested in finding out more and checking on availability please contact us below!


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